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The properties in Moxie’s care are driven by carefully crafted strategies that enhance our clients’ franchises through clear cut brand asset definition, followed by innovative product development, alliances with first-class companies and retailers, good time, and strong visibility. Moxie seeks solutions for all of its clients’ unique challenges. Moxie supports its licensors and licensees with a full range of services from strategic planning to consumer promotions, and offers a vital competitive edge in an increasingly challenging industry, creating, developing and executive longterm innovative programs that promote and protect our clients’ valued intellectual properties by building enduring brands from concept to consumer.

Full service expertise and range of services includes:

“Moxie has been a fantastic partner in helping us build our business. Laura and Arlene are savvy and strategic, and fun to work with. They’ve introduced us to multiple partners, helped us imagine new directions for our brand, negotiated deals, and helped us build our licensing portfolio to extend our brand and revenue beyond our point of origin of letterpress greeting cards. They bring decades of experience and great relationships to the table. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!”
Sabrina Moyle – partner – Hello Lucky