With its many benefits, licensing can be one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s marketing arsenal. In today’s marketplace, strategic brand licensing is among the most authentic forms of communication, providing consumers with additional opportunities to interact with a brand in fresh and exciting ways. By integrating brands throughout daily life, licensed products forge a richer connection between the consumer and the core brand.

Licensing enhances a brand’s image and positioning, generates revenue through the sale of products, adds consumer touch points while increasing the popularity and profitability of brands. A well-defined, strategic licensing program promotes, supports, and protects a company or artist’s most precious asset – its name.


We have extensive experience in managing the complexities and demands of licensing programs. As we build our clients’ brands, we ensure excellence in execution and long-term success, across corporate brands, entertainment and digital properties and artists and designers. We create strategies to take your brand where it’s never been before. How do we do it? At Moxie, brand extensions start with creativity and innovation. Our in-depth knowledge of licensing and an understanding of the marketplace, combined with our longstanding manufacturer and retail relationships, are the key elements for identifying and unlocking each brand’s licensing potential. We create licensed products with strong consumer appeal that strengthen and protect our clients’ brands while maximizing royalty revenue for them.

Clients benefit from our full-service offering of:

By orchestrating these diverse elements into a single, focused strategy, we are able to do all the “heavy-lifting” so our clients can focus on their core business.


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We believe that great things happen with the right culture. At Moxie, Laura and Arlene encourage and nurture creativity and partnership, which enable us to provide our clients with exceptional service. We understand the importance of the collaborative spirit and strive to provide an intellectually challenging environment. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our learning and development initiatives. By creating and sustaining a culture where we can perform at our very best, we believe we are raising the bar for ourselves individuals and as a company.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a true passion for community involvement and corporate sustainability. As an agency, we contribute to various charitable causes, while giving back in ways that are personal and meaningful.

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Moxie & Company represents and manages intellectual property on a worldwide basis, including consumer and packaged goods brands, entertainment, literary, trademark, art and design brands for merchandise licensing (both in and out), publishing, interactive technologies, broadcast media, and promotions.

The company’s mission is to create, develop, and execute long-term innovative programs that promote and protect their clients’ valued intellectual properties by building enduring brands from concept to consumer. Along the way, we are committed to defining and delivering the brand promise of each trademark in our portfolio.

We are devoted to making a difference in the marketplace. True to our name, we are not a company that retreats from creative challenges, and we strongly believe that our capabilities and credentials in breaking new ground and thinking off the grid make us a natural partner for companies seeking passionately hands-on brand architects. Moxie leads where others follow. Whether properties are established or emergent, new or nostalgic—we excel at identifying and securing new business opportunities that evolve brands into enduring franchises with tremendous staying power.