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Jonesworks Design

Jason Jones, an American designer and artist, achieves a casual, modern aesthetic through balancing natural, authentic materials and hand painted patterns with simplicity and order. This tone is at once rustic, modern, textual and clean. His casual yet intentional style is deeply influenced by the places he has lived: Brooklyn, Los Angeles and the semi-rural Midwest. He currently resides outside of Madison, WI wish his daughter Emily and her mother Laura, celebrating a new vision of the modern American family.

Jason has a rich history working with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, City Studio, and many more. He has collaborated with Current/Elliot, Todd Oldham, Elle Decor, and Dreamworks, just to name a few.

The veteran designer and merchandiser founded Jonesworks Design, a multi-disciplinary product development company focused on the casual modern customer. Jonesworks Design effortlessly blends authentic materials and classic techniques with modern forms to create home and accessory products for how we live today.

Jonesworks Design has expertise in a variety of product categories for home, accessories, and apparel. Their holistic, hands-on approach, as well as their merchandising mindset, enabling them to create everything from trend and concept to fully specified products ready for production, including: Furniture, upholstery, bedding, decor, wall art, lighting, rugs, tabletop & glassware, bath, luggage & totes and print & pattern design.


Jason Jones is deeply inspired by location and a sense of place – how individual objects come together to shape an overall environment. These four trends pay homage to the places Jason has lived, worked, and played – every one created unique memories. Despite each having an

individual point of view, color story, print direction and materials palette, they all reflect the through-line of the Joneswork Design brand – causal, modern, and made for how we live today.

Categories available for licensing include: tableware, decorative, gifts, home furnishings, publishing, accessories, apparel and other products.