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Nora the Piano Cat

From Shelter to Show Biz (by Nora)

noraIt all started back in 2004 when Burnell and Betsy adopted me from the Animal Adoption Center. I was just a kitten, but I fell in love with my new mom and dad right away- and I fell in love with my mom’s shiny black Yamaha piano, too. After a year I surprised everyone by jumping on the piano bench and playing notes with my paws like my mom’s students- only they have hands, not paws.

My mom’s piano students kept asking my dad to make a video of me playing the piano and to put it on something called YouTube, they decided to do it. They already had a store on their website, so the students could get magnets or bags with my picture on it, and the students liked this very much. So if they wanted a Youtube video, why not? That was January 2007. Little did they know, that my little video would get almost 5 million views in the first 5 months, and get me on Martha, Conan, The Daily Show, VH-1, and The Colbert Report! I’m even a star in Japan- on Fuji TV! I also got a picture of Billy Joel that said, “To the Piano Cat from the Piano Man.” That is so-o-o cool!

You can see me play the piano at YouTube.com or by going to my dad’s website, www.ravenswingstudio.com. Oh, and check out my own site at www.myspace.com/norapianocat – I just love email! Well, off for a cat nap… it’s hard work being in show biz!


Key categories available for licensing include: Books, Toys, Games, & a range of Pet Products.