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Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Wright is an everyday magic storyteller. From her origins in art and theater, she captures simple moments, dovetailing the fresh and the nostalgic. Sarah Jane’s beautiful work is populated with loveable characters and whimsical designs, conjuring the wonder of childhood, where fireflies are still bewitching and wild animals are friends. Her loose, vintage European-inspired style will make you delight in the world again.

In 2008, in an attempt to fund her husband through graduate school, Sarah opened an Etsy shop hoping to sell a few prints so she could stay at home with her small children. Her artwork instantly took off and soon exploded into a full-time business with art prints, fabrics, books, wallpaper, puppets and illustrated six children’s books. Sarah lives in Utah with her husband, Kenneth and their four children.

Her clients include Ralph Lauren, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, Pop & Lolli, and Michael Miller Fabrics.