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Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys

With over 300 million books sold worldwide, these Simon & Schuster brands are much more than house-hold names known to generations — they take the mystery out of licensing & promotion.

nancyNancy Drew

nd1Since her 1930 debut, Nancy Drew has solved more than 350 cases and sold over 200 million books in 14 languages! It’s no mystery that our favorite girl detective has timeless appeal among generations of fans.    From contemporary Clue Crew chapter books to the classic novels, Nancy Drew embraces a wide audience of with her enduring appeal.

Now heading into her eighth decade as an American icon, Nancy continues to touch the lives of millions worldwide through books, videogames, apps, graphic novels, stationery, posters, puzzles, apparel and accessories––with lots more in the works.

Key categories available for licensing include Activity kits, apparel, accessories, personal care, collectible gifts, stationery, social expressions, electronics, and promotional tie-ins

For more information on the Nancy Drew interactive games, check out their website here.



Hardy Boys

hardy-2Following hard on the footsteps of their girl detective chum, The Hardy Boys, America’s first crime scene investigators, are now getting great traction in publishing and licensing—more than 100 million classic Hardy Boys books have been sold to date, and the new Undercover Brothers series has already sold more than 1 million books.  The all-new Secret Files chapter book series geared to early readers 4-7 is off to a great start since its publishing debut in 2010.

Key categories available for licensing include Interactive games, spygear, electronics, apparel, accessories, stationery, collectible gifts, and promotional tie-ins.

Take the mystery out of licensing with The Hardy Boys & Moxie!