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The Van Gogh Museum

The Timeless Art of an Iconic Master

16310_ 014_VanGoghclassic_ver2The work of Vincent van Gogh transcends time and a wide and diverse range of artistic styles. At once rustic and seemingly ancient, at times suggestive of photographic detail, yet ultimately Post-Impressionist-the art of Van Gogh feels eternally fresh and contemporary.

Now, under the auspices of The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, and Moxie & Company, gain access for the first sought-after archives. Works by Van Gogh, both popular and rare- ranging from paintings to sketches and drawings, letters and post cards and graphic themes inspired by his brush strokes, as well as the cobranding prestige of the Van Gogh Museum and Van Gogh himself, are all available in a broader-selection than ever before—in superb, high resolution images.

erwin pearl bagLike Van Gogh’s imagination, the possibilities are limitless—encompassing a wide range of licensing categories and promotional opportunities including: promotional tie-ins, fine art prints, table top, textiles, wearables, linens & domestics, gift wrap & paper products, wall paper & home fashion, multi media, art supplies, bags & luggage, architectural imaging & SuperGraphics, limited edition products and much, much more.


The value of the Van Gogh Museum franchise both in name and images cannot be overstated—enhancing each strategic partner, their licensed products and services. One of history’s most prolific artists, and one of the world’s most prestigious art collections—are available now in high resolution.

For more information about the Van Gogh Museum, check out their website here.