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Raggedy Ann & Andy

Simon & Schuster’s Raggedy Ann & Andy are two of the most universally beloved and known characters with a combined total of 2 million books sold over the past 15 years and more than 60 million books and products sold since the characters’ introduction in 1915, Raggedy Ann & Andy have 10 decades of continued success as icons in the world market. 

Raggedy Ann & Andy is an evergreen brand, which is universally appealing and brings nostalgia to a wide, diverse audience. The brother and sister duo represent love, friendship, compassion, generosity, childhood memories, imagination and true Americana.

Raggedy Ann & Andy score in the top 10 percent of familiarity among moms of children ages 2-11. Due to over 30,000 petitions from fans worldwide, Raggedy Ann & Andy were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. This achievement was heavily supported by both on-air and print press, viewed by over 150 million television consumers and over 135 million media impressions and is now one of the top 100 toys on VH1‘s “I Love Toys.”

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Core categories available include toys, plush, gifts, early learning aids, apparel,  home decor, and consumer promotions.