full service brand management

Get Full Service Brand Management with Moxie & Co

The properties in Moxie’s care are driven by carefully crafted strategies that enhance our clients’ franchises through clear cut brand asset definition, followed by innovative product development, alliances with first-class companies and retailers, good timing, and strong visibility. Moxie seeks solutions for all of its clients’ unique challenges. Moxie supports its licensors and licensees with a full range of services from strategic planning to consumer promotions, and offers a vital competitive edge in an increasingly challenging industry, creating, developing and executive longterm innovative programs that promote and protect our clients’ valued intellectual properties by building enduring brands from concept to consumer.

Full Service Expertise and Range of Services Includes:

• Solid understanding of core product categories, strategic objectives, and corporate culture

• Strong relationships across broad network of prospective property-owners and licensors.

• Combined experience and expertise of 50 years leveraging valuable, iconic brands and unflagging (but pleasant) persistence, professionalism, and plenty of Moxie!

• A fresh perspective tailored to each property

• Revitalization and re-energizing of classic iconic brands

• Focus on under and unexploited categories that fit brand’s core values

• Ability to identify and maximize the full potential of every brand in their care

• Extensive network of licensing agents/sub-agents and connections

Retail Management

Retail Partners

Moxie has comprehensive retail management experience. From the global fashion and home-goods branded Chicka Chicka Boom Boom line sold exclusively at the 2600 TJX stores worldwide and the 2020 Ellen Studio x Hobby Lobby home decor capsule collection to the MTA inspired boutiques at all Uniqlo and Cole Haan stores, Macy’s Herald Square, and the DKNY and Banana Republic stores throughout NYC, we are exceptionally skilled at creating, implementing and managing direct-to-retail licensing programs across various tiers of retail.


Benefits of Direct-to-Retail Licensing:

• Strong and unified control of the brand at retail

• Cohesive retailer support through marketing, advertising and promotions

• Consistent relationship building with retailer senior management

• Seamless brand presentation on the retail floor

• Ongoing retailer support and program optimization

Strategic Planning & Vision

Comprehensive Planning

For clients considering licensing, our feasibility study evaluates the viability of extending a brand into new categories and retail channels. Through the exploration of the competitive landscape, market dynamics and relevant category opportunities, we provide brand owners with a comprehensive analysis that recommends a specific course of action. For those with existing licensing programs, our team performs a thorough assessment that evaluates the program’s successes, challenges, management and operations to ensure that optimal potential is being realized. The final deliverable is a comprehensive analysis that includes specific recommendations to increase the overall performance of the client’s licensing program.

In today’s competitive marketplace, clearly differentiating a product offering is vital. Leveraging our extensive experience building world-class licensing programs, we help manufacturers and retailers harness the power of classic brands to build their businesses and differentiate their product offerings.

We begin by understanding a client’s licensing goals, whether they are to reach new consumer targets, enter new categories or channels of distribution, or increase retail penetration. We then identify the most relevant licensing properties, ultimately recommending those that will best attract attention to a manufacturer or retailer’s product line. Our strong network of relationships enable us to assist clients in securing the most reputable and sought-after brands and entertainment properties for product differentiation.

Our work in this space spans companies in the fashion, fashion accessories, home textiles, and electronics categories, among others. Some examples of our success in this area include the acquisition of the Icon Eyewear license for Everlast, to create a line of UV protective eyewear, and the Erwin Pearl license for Grand Central Terminal, a well-known jewelry manufacturer, for a line of costume jewelry sold at Erwin Pearl stores. Additionally, Moxie forged a unique alliance with Cole Haan that resulted in a year-long advertising program that featured the NYC Subway system in all Cole Haan stores.

Licensing & Brand Management


Strategic Brand Licensing

With its many benefits, licensing can be one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s marketing arsenal. In today’s marketplace, strategic brand licensing is among the most authentic forms of communication, providing consumers with additional opportunities to interact with a brand in fresh and exciting ways. By integrating brands throughout daily life, licensed products forge a richer connection between the consumer and the core brand.

Licensing enhances a brand’s image and positioning, generates revenue through the sale of products, adds consumer touch points while increasing the popularity and profitability of brands. A well-defined, strategic licensing program promotes, supports, and protects a company or artist’s most precious asset – its name.

Licensing Programs

We have extensive experience in managing the complexities and demands of licensing programs. As we build our clients’ brands, we ensure excellence in execution and long-term success, across corporate brands, entertainment and digital properties and artists and designers. We create strategies to take your brand where it’s never been before. How do we do it? At Moxie, brand extensions start with creativity and innovation. Our in-depth knowledge of licensing and an understanding of the marketplace, combined with our longstanding manufacturer and retail relationships, are the key elements for identifying and unlocking each brand’s licensing potential. We create licensed products with strong consumer appeal that strengthen and protect our clients’ brands while maximizing royalty revenue for them.