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Wines that Rock

Wines That Rock has the unique mission to create premium wines that enhance the direct connection between brands and fans and Moxie is helping them meet and exceed their expectations.

Wines That Rock with the help of Moxie is delivering uniquely creative and profitable brand extensions while maintaining authenticity and fun beginning with the Association of Zoo’s and Aquarium’s delivering branded bottles that help support their SAFE (Saving Animals From Extension) program launching this spring! It’s a win win for the AZA and WTR.

The founders of WTR have been at the forefront of bringing pop culture to fans for decades. Originally born out of a passion for music and wine, they launched their namesake collection of classic wines influenced by the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll starting with the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead collections. Further bridging the gap between the arts and wine, they launched the highly acclaimed Fifty Shades of Grey Wine, The Bachelor Wine, Cirque du Soleil and Downton Abbey Wine collection.

WTR is uniquely qualified to bring brands to fans into the global wine market:

Wines That Rock also brings a unique twist to the traditional wine club space. A typical wine club delivers a case (12 bottles) of wine 4 times a year with wines from around the world.  Together with world-class partners, Wines That Rock has created a new kind of wine club, where customers receive BOTH wines from around the world plus fun, engaging branded wines featuring their partner’s unique brand identity. NPR’s All Grapes Considered, TCM’s Alfred Hitchcock Collection, Investigation Discovery’s My, My, My Merlot. This new and innovative model creates a stronger affinity, longer engagement and retention of members, generating a true sense of community between each brand partner and their audience.