Founded in 1971, FedEx invented the overnight delivery business. Over half a century later FedEx continues to lead in the courier delivery industry with over 100 million packages a day.

The ubiquitous FedEx logo, its white trucks and sleek airplanes have come to represent quality, reliability and innovation, echoed in the corporate slogan “The World on Time”.

The FedEx name carries emotional resonance with a universal audience who recognize the relevance and importance to our culture and our everyday lives. Fedex also represents reliability, a service and a brand you can count on. Everyone is happy when they see the FedEx delivery person at their door or confident when a precious package is trusted to FedEx to get where it needs to go.

FedEx has developed a range of marketing campaigns and initiatives to increase its relevance in the public mind including sponsorships of major sports teams, Nascar, as well as charitable programs such as the FedEx Cares.


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