Hello! Lucky

Hello! Lucky is a San Francisco-based design studio specializing in letterpress greeting cards, rolling out “swoon-worthy” designs since 2003. It was always in the cards for sister Eunice & Sabrina Moyle, who love to push the envelope and enjoy nothing better than a good pun. The sibling duo has spend the last eleven years mastering the craft and placing Hello! Lucky in stores worldwide.

The three main dream team players include Sabrina, the bosslady, numbers wrangler, wordsmith and concept generator. Eunice, the create director, professional doodler, Pinterest addict and aesthetics junkie. Alex works as the sisters’ handy marketing director, product photographer, site manager, and social butterfly.

Their products delight, inspire and connect people from around the world. Hello! Lucky’s primary focus is to create cards that you and your recipients will want to hold onto. Letterpress is a thing of beauty and the Moyle sisters can’t shake the process. They love what they do and like to think it shows.

Ideas are often pun filled, and playful. However, once they settle on their favorite concepts Eunice gets cracking on the designs and illustrations. Once they’re approved by the team, they turn their designs over to friends at Egg Press who print, assemble, and pack orders so they can soon be on your doorstep.

Hello! Lucky has also written two books on crafting in collaboration with Chronicle Books. They’ve been featured by DailyCandy, Buzzfeed, Instyle, Lucky, Design*Sponge, & Marie Claire and are carried by retailers around the world like Urban Outfitters, Paper Source, & Waterstones.

For more information about Hello! Lucky, check out their website here.

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