Hunt a Killer

Hunt A Killer is a role-playing game where each player become a detective, sorting through clues, puzzles and intricate timelines to solve a murder. Originally, Hunt A Killer began with a subscription model that quickly accumulated over 110,000 subscribers. Now, Hunt A Killer games are sold everywhere including retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, etc. Hunt A Killer has sold more than 5 million games.
Hunt A Killer has disrupted conventional forms of storytelling by delivering physical items in each box, immersing players into the worlds of the characters. Players become instant sleuths as they sort through evidence, decode cyphers, create timelines, piece together clues and solve crime.


The evidence is clear …
● Over 5 million games have been sold
● 40 mm impressions generated via social media advertising
● Fervent social media following of 500k+ and growing
● Each new episode has its own Facebook page where 100,000+ members discuss gameplay clues and tips
● Hunt A Killer rank # 6 on INC.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list
● Categories available for licensing, publishing, stationery, apparel and accessories and collectibles.


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