Ivory Ella

Lighten your footprint. Protect theirs.

Ivory Ella was built from a passionate desire to make a difference in the world.
In April 2015 the six founders pooled their collective design talents, social media savvy, and digital expertise to build a community-driven brand that would have a meaningful impact. They listened to the collective voices of their massive social media community – a vibrant network of youthful fun-loving global travelers, animal lovers and eco-conscious consumers – to build Ivory Ella, a truly mission-driven apparel and lifestyle brand that supports elephant conservation and giving back.

Ivory Ella recognizes that elephants are one of the most relatable creatures in the world. Their styles are designed to withstand the test of time. Ivory Ella believes in lasting fashion and responsible design. Plus, every piece contributes to protecting the elephants.

Protecting the elephants is a big task, but one Ivory Ella has committed to achieving by working with their partners at Save The Elephants. Over these past five years, they have been inspired by the support of the community and know together they can make a difference. Change is within reach!

Visit the Ivory Ella website.