Members Only

Members Only, the iconic brand is back with a new audience and a new attitude.

The iconic Members Only racer jacket started it all, now the brand is being embraced by a young audience who love its updated style. Without “Members”, the brand would not be what it is today. From leading lights to the working-class hero, fans of Members Only come from all walks of life. The brand is inclusive, for those with exclusive tastes.

The Members Only online store has legions of loyal fans and the brand can be found at a growing list of national retailers and specialty stores including Target, Amazon, Costco, Forever 21, Zumiez, Macy’s, Burlington, and many more.

With an army of young influencers bringing their own style to the Members Only brand, the updated apparel is reaching a whole new generation. The fan base is growing with targeted collaborations with such icons as Keith Haring, Looney Toons, Rugrats, and Basquiat with more to come.

Members Only is a lifestyle brand with licensing partners in children’s apparel, sleepwear, sportswear, scrubs, and glasses. Moxie is expanding the Members Only brand into new categories including apparel accessories, home fashion, travel, fragrance, tech accessories, etc.

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