Raggedy Ann & Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy are a pair of rag dolls that first appeared in a children’s book by Johnny Gruelle in 1918. The dolls have become iconic characters in American culture and have appeared in numerous books, cartoons, and movies over the years.

Raggedy Ann is a tall, floppy rag doll with bright red hair and a red triangle nose. She is known for her cheerful disposition and kind heart. Andy is her brother and is slightly smaller than she is. He has similar features to Raggedy Ann but has blue clothing instead of red.

The stories typically involve the dolls coming to life and going on adventures with other toys and animals. The tales often have a moral lesson or message about kindness, friendship, and sharing. Raggedy Ann and Andy continue to be beloved characters among children and adults alike, and their legacy has inspired countless toys, books, and other merchandise.

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