Teddy Scares

As a child your teddy bear was there to love and protect you from things that go bump in the night. When you outgrew them, they were cast aside and forgotten. The Teddy ScaresĀ® are those bears. With no home they wander endlessly, searching for someone new to hug and cuddle them. All they want is your love.

Targeted to tweens, teens and young adults, Teddy ScaresĀ® is ideal for retailers whose customers seek out quirky and humorous products. Since Teddy Scares rose from the dead, they have spawned a buzz of attention from collectors and retailers everywhere. This unique brand will connect with everyone, who has ever loved and lost a toy.

Categories for licensing include Plush, Party, Stationery, Collectibles, Apparel, Home/Bedding, Puzzles, Mobile, Gift/Novelties, Toys and Games.


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